Hello and a warm welcome to my website.


If you’ve found yourself here, the chances are you may have found yourself in some form of emotional distress.Perhaps life isn’t working for you in the way that you hoped it would or you’ve experienced a recent life crisis. Sometimes, ¬†we’re able to overcome life’s

difficulties by leaning on those around us – family, friends, colleagues. Other times we simply don’t feel able to open up to those closest to us, or these relationships may even be the source of our worries.

By building a trusting relationship with a therapist, counselling can offer a space free of judgement to process and make sense of what is impacting negatively on our lives. It’s a process not undertaken alone, but with someone who is ready and able to step into your world and experience it with you.

As a BACP Registered therapist, working within Private Practice in Cheltenham. I work to the ethical framework as set out by the BACP. You can find further details of the type of therapy I offer, and how this looks in ‘real’ terms, on this website.

Whether you’ve had therapy before, or never spoken to someone about the issue that you’re facing, you are most welcome to make contact.



BACP ethical framework – http://www.bacp.co.uk/ethical_framework/new_ef.php